Foundation FAQs & Resources

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Foundation FAQs & Resources

  • We have many resources for seeking grant opportunities and potential funders. Our Foundation Directory Online database subscription runs through the Vanderbilt University Library. Beyond this, be on the lookout for foundation options in professional publications, at conferences and presentations and in news about your area of research. Finally, be sure to subscribe to VUMC's institutional communications that publicize funding opportunities:

    Office of Research Weekly Update
    Edge for Scholars
    VICC Events and Announcements
    Foundation Directory Online



  • If you identify a potential foundation funder, please call our team for advice. We have worked with the program staff at many foundations and can offer background research and guidance on how best to shape your proposal.

  • Yes, we are happy to review your proposal for clarity and to ensure the highest quality proposal and good alignment with the foundation's guidelines. You or your team will need to draft the science and main content of the proposal; our team can help with the organizational and lay-focused sections.

  • Limited Submission Opportunities (LSOs) are awards and grants for which the institution may submit a limited number of applications, which are chosen through an internal competitive selection process. Non-federal LSOs are coordinated by the VUMC Office of Research, sometimes in partnership with the University's Office of the Vice Provost for Research. After selection of the nominee, Foundation Relations assists the nominee with their application.

  • Foundation Relations is part of VUMC's Development office, which is responsible for fundraising, philanthropy and charitable contributions. Private foundation grants are considered charitable contributions. The Foundation Relations team assists with applications to foundation funders as needed, complementing OSP's and OOR's institutional "pre-award" requirements.

  • Yes! We can provide or help secure those items and other attachments that might be part of your application.

  • Before preparing an LOI or grant proposal, please contact Foundation Relations and your department's grants manager.

  • Before contacting a foundation directly, we strongly suggest a quick call or email to Foundation Relations first. We have tips for the best approaches to foundations and can first evaluate whether your project might be of interest to the foundation given their mission, programs, guidelines and past grants.