A New Life After Breast Cancer


A New Life After Breast Cancer

Jocelyn and Ted Limmer were ecstatic when they found out they were expecting. It was right before their third wedding anniversary, and the couple describes it as the greatest moment of their lives. 

But on her first obstetrician visit, Jocelyn mentioned a lump in her breast, thinking it was due to her pregnancy. After a biopsy, Jocelyn learned she had invasive ductal carcinoma, triple negative, stage 2 breast cancer. 


“Being told ‘you have cancer’ right after finding out you’re pregnant, it was a total shock,” said Jocelyn. 


The Limmers were left with an important decision — where to receive care. 


They knew they would need the best care possible, ensuring both mother and baby’s care. They knew there was only one place to go, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.  


“Cancer seems to always be seen as someone else’s disease, until you’re faced with it. It turns your world around. Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center was great. It was wonderful to go to one facility.” — Ted Limmer, Jocelyn’s husband


Jocelyn began chemotherapy in her second trimester. Her doctor, Vandana Abramson, made sure to coordinate and meet with her obstetrician face-to-face regularly, making sure everyone was on the same page. 


Both Jocelyn’s pregnancy and cancer treatment went smoothly until Charlotte (Charlie) came early at 33 weeks via C-section. She was delivered after her ninth chemo treatment, and she returned for her last treatment three weeks later. 


Charlie was able to be there with her for her final treatment and when she rang the bell. Although Jocelyn continued to receive treatment, including a double mastectomy, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center gave her two things she will never forget: a beautiful baby and the chance to be there for Charlie as she grows up. 


Your support helps mothers like Jocelyn beat breast cancer and gives more children like Charlie the chance to grow up with a mother. 


“The moment I met Dr. Abramson, she had a plan, she knew exactly what she needed to do. She really set my mind at ease, knowing that Charlie would be okay and that I would be okay.”  — Jocelyn Limmer, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Patient


Jocelyn Limmer